Top poet says Welsh should be taught in English schools

Benjamin made his language comments after visiting the National Eisteddfod. Credit: PA Images

Famous poet Benjamin Zephaniah is calling for Welsh to be taught in schools across England, and says Welsh culture must be embraced in our multicultural Britain.

The Birmingham-born writer said that the Celtic languages are an important part of our culture, and called for pupils to have a greater awareness of the "different cultures and languages" within Britain.

The Welsh language first emerged in the 6th century - it is spoken by around 580,000 people in Wales, 150,000 in England and 5,000 in Argentina.

Welsh is spoken by around 580,000 in Wales. Credit: PA Images

Benjamin made his comments after visiting the National Eisteddfod in North Wales for the first time, and says it is important Welsh heritage is embraced as a crucial part of multicultural British society.

The famous Rastafarian said he enjoyed his time at the Eisteddfod, despite not being able to understand what people were saying.