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GCSE results for A*-C grades remain stable in Wales

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Thousands of students across Wales have received their GCSE results this morning. This year's GCSE results show an overall pass rate of 98.7%.

Overall results of A*-C grades have remained stable this year at 66.6% - the same as for 2014.

However A*-A grades have fallen in Wales by 0.2%, compared with that in 2014.

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Overall GCSE results 2015:

  • In Wales, 66% of students received A*-C grades - remaining the same as that in 2014.
  • Across the UK, 69% of students received A*-C grades - an increase of 0.2% from last year.
  • In Wales, 19.2% received A*-A grades - falling by 0.2%
  • Across the UK, 21.2% received A*-A grades - falling by 0.1%
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Across Wales there were improvements in GCSE grades for subjects such as English Language, Welsh Language and Mathematics.

English Language:

This year saw an improvement for grades A*-C for 16 year olds in English Language. The percentage of students receiving this grade rose from 62.6% in 2014 to 64% this year.

Welsh Language:

More A*-C grades were awarded for Welsh Language GCSE this year, improving by 1.2% compared to last year. However, A* grades for the subject fell from 4.4% in 2014 to 3.7% this year.


Overall, 57.5% of candidates in GCSE Science achieved grades A*-C, up from 55.8% in 2014.

English Literature:

The number of A*-C grades awarded in English Literature rose from 74.3% to 76.6% - an increase of 2.3%.

Modern Foreign Languages:

Grades A*-C fell by 1.5% for French, 0.6% for German and 1.2% for Spanish.

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