Teenagers set to cash in on GCSE results

Parents of GCSE students regularly fork out cash and money for holidays abroad. Credit: PA Images

Research shows parents fork out, on average, over £100 in rewards for children receiving their GCSE results.

A survey by 'Voucher Codes' of parents with children leaving secondary school this year found that 80% have incentivised their teens in some way to succeed in their exams - from contributing to their 'prom' budget, to forking out for new games consoles.

Nearly one in ten parents will contribute to a new car, while 13% will be forking out on a holiday to reward their child for achieving good grades.

The research suggests the average cost for all these treats will be:

  • £136 towards a holiday

  • £125 for a laptop or computer

  • £107 on a tablet

  • £105 towards a car

  • £98 on a new mobile phone

  • £98 in financial rewards

  • £95 towards a games console

  • £68 for a nice meal

Results from the survey showed that in general, mothers are the more generous parent when it comes to dishing out the rewards.

They are set to spend on average around £117 on a present compared to fathers, who are happier giving gifts of around £94 in value.

This spending comes as the research also shows the elevated cost of summer has caused 61% of parents to worry about how they will afford the additional expense over the break - a 10% rise on those who expressed financial concern last year.