Family of brave little girl hopes story will inspire others ahead of law change

Ahead of the change in the law on December 1st, people living in Wales are being encouraged to think about their organ donation choices and to talk to their loved ones about them.

As part of the organ donation Wales public awareness campaign, people from all over Wales have been sharing their stories about organ donation.

Ava Raffour from St. Mellon's in Cardiff was born with biliary atresia, a life-threatening condition of the liver.

Ava had to have two liver transplants - the first at just four weeks old.

Her family say she would've died if she didn't receive the transplants when she did.

Ava spent the first year of her life in and out of hospital
Laura Raffour and her husband Nathan say they are eternally grateful for the donor who made it possible for Ava to survive

Six years later, Ava is like any other seven-year-old. She likes going to school, swimming and playing with her dog.

Ava and her family celebrate the anniversary of her transplant every year.

Ava said she has also written a letter to her donor to say thank you.

Laura and her husband Nathan are both on the organ donor register. When they found out about Ava's condition, their family and friends signed up too.

Laura welcomes the change in the law and hopes there'll be more people out there to save those in need like Ava.

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