Father fears IS fighter sons are on government 'hitlist'

The father of two men believed to have joined terror group Islamic State says he fears his sons could be next on a British government "hitlist".

Aseel Muthana, 17, joined older brother Naseer, 21, in Syria last year.

The two brothers were close friends with fellow Cardiff man Reyaad Khan, who the UK Government confirmed was killed in an RAF drone strike last month.

Their father Ahmed, a retired electrical engineer, said he believes it is only a matter of time before he was told that his sons would be killed.

Mr Muthana told the Guardian newspaper:

Nasser Muthana from Cardiff, appeared in an Isis recruitment video

The 57-year-old's comments come after Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said there were three more people who represented such a threat to the UK that airstrikes could be used again.

However, the Conservative MP denied suggestions this amounted to an American-style "kill list".

Aseel Muthana

Meanwhile, the anguish continues for Mr Muthana and his family, who live in the Butetown area of Cardiff.

His older son Nasser, who had been a promising medical student, went to the same school as Khan and is thought to have become radicalised at about the same time.

He later turned up on an IS recruitment video alongside Khan in Syria.

Then, three months later, younger brother Aseel joined his older sibling - and has since spoken online about how he is "prepared to die" in the name of Islamic extremism.

Their father has previously spoken about how he had disowned his sons.

Months on, Mr Muthana said he still felt tremendously saddened by the events of the past year - but his initial anger had now given away to deep regret.