Women are being invited to bare all on a secluded beach this weekend and boost their self confidence.

The "empowering", if not chilly, event will be on Saturday at a secret location on the Welsh coast and is organised by two female artists who say they want to contribute to the current debate about body image.

A similar event held by Happy In My Skin saw around 30 women enter the water baring all and they are hoping for more this time around.

One of the organisers, artist Hazel Anderson, says it's in response to adverts such as the controversial "Beach Body Ready" which she says shames women into covering up.

We've called it http://www.happyinmyskin.today/#!about/cjg9 and it celebrates who you are. We need a response to adverts Like Beach Body Ready, because you don't need to be beach body ready, you just take your body to the beach and enjoy yourselves whatever you body look like.

Hazel Anderson
The Beach Body Ready advert was criticised for "shaming" women. Credit: PA

Hazel says women should expect a fun day out and it won't be a chilly as you might expect - the sea is at its warmest this time of year.

Last time we ended up staying in the water for over an hour. All sorts of women came along, friends of friends, nurses, teachers, someone aged 65, some scarred by breast cancer.

Hazel Anderson
Around 30 women gathered for the last secret swim. Credit: happyinmyskin.today

Hazel Anderson and her fellow artist Leah Crossley say they take photos, with the permission of the women that come, and those images will form part of an exhibition that will go on display in 2016.

We are creating a transformative event that celebrates and puts the focus on who we are not what we look like. We are building a collection of beautiful, empowering images of women being confident, happy and feeling free.

Happy in My Skin
A previous naked swim organiser by Happy In My skin Credit: happyinmyskin.today

Hazel says photoshopped images in magazines of unrealistic and unattainable bodies frustrate women and leave young girls feeling "not good enough."

The swim takes place on Saturday at a beach in South Wales. Those wishing to ago can drive themselves to the local car park or take a specially arranged coach from Cardiff. The details are given once women register.