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Jobs created for housing association tenants in Conwy

Tenants on the scheme will get training and a qualification.

A housing association is helping its tenants find a job by offering them work doing maintenance on its properties.

15 jobs have already been created as part of Cartrefi Conwy's employment academy.

Cartrefi Conwy has joined forces with the Crest Co-operative recycling organisation to launch the new venture, Creating Enterprise which is the first of its kind in Wales.

The organisation is taking on a range of maintenance work at almost 4,000 of Cartrefi Conwy's properties across the county of Conwy, from exterior painting to fixing dripping taps and broken garden gates.

15 jobs have already been created from the initiative. Credit: PA

It is also running an employment academy which has already seen three jobless tenants being given a 12-month contract to gain work experience.

Over the course of their year with Creating Enterprise they will receive full training, a qualification where appropriate and help with finding a permanent job, perhaps with Cartrefi Conwy itself.

Crest was set up in 1998 with lottery cash to help disabled and jobless people increase their skills and gain employment.

The not-for-profit company has since evolved to deliver a range of recycling services.

We are delighted to be working so closely with Cartrefi Conwy and offering these opportunities to its tenants.

While Cartrefi Conwy calls on qualified trade professionals for the larger jobs, our team operates a handyman service tackling things like fixing dripping taps and broken garden gates or putting up cupboards.

Unemployed people are offered a 12-month contract during which time they will get work experience, training and qualifications in some cases.

They are mentored throughout and in the ninth month of their contract we start working with them to find a permanent job, which might be with a local employer or Cartrefi Conwy itself.

– Sharon Jones, Partnership Director