£1 million boost for research into one of Wales' biggest killers

Credit: PA Archive

A funding boost of over £1 million has been announced to help scientists at Cardiff University gain a better understanding of one of Wales' biggest killers - Heart and Circulatory disease.

Around 25 people in Wales die of the condition every day, and it accounts for more than a quarter of all deaths here.

Now, scientists are hoping to better understand why some people are more at risk than others.

They'll specifically focus on platelets - the cells within our bloodstream that stop us bleeding - and why they become overactive in people who have cardiovascular disease. In these people the overactive platelets can cause clots, which can lead to heart attacks or strokes.

Today's funding announcement is part of a new strategy by the British Heart Foundation.

The charity, which is reliant on public donations, has committed to spending over half a billion pounds on research in the next five years.

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