'It's truly saved my life' - How volunteering helped Keyon overcome tragedy

A twenty year old man from Blaenau Gwent who lost his best friend and two relatives to suicide has told how working as a volunteer saved his life.

Keyon Davis turned to drugs and alcohol to try to cope with the tragedy.

He says his life's been turned around and now he offers support to other young people.

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below:

Keyon Davis was 16 and looking forward to starting college. But that summer tragedy struck.

My uncle and father committed suicide, and it sent me into a downward spiral. I got addicted to drugs, I was drinking a lot, I didn't really know what to do with my life. I was committing crime just to get through the day. My best friend committed suicide, and I was just in a massive downward spiral. I didn't know where to go. I had no support, nothing less.

Keyon Davis

There was some help at hand, happily. A relative suggested volunteering work with a charity abroad.

Keyon says it changed his life.

Keyon volunteering abroad

Before I knew it I was on the first flight out of here, I was going to Borneo, I had an amazing time. The work that they did with me when I was out there, the way they worked with me, it's made me shape who I was

Keyon Davis

Now 20, Keyon's encouraging other young people to see the opportunities volunteering can offer.

It's a message he was helping to get across at the Skills Cymru event in Cardiff today.

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