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Rare black rhinos arrive at Pembrokeshire Zoo

Manyara getting used to her new surroundings. Credit: Folly Farm

Two rare Eastern Black Rhinos have been welcomed to their new home this week at Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo in Pembrokeshire.

The male Nkosi and female Manyara are the only herd in Wales, but the new additions now mean Folly Farm is one of only six zoos in the UK to hold this critically endangered species.

A new £500,000 five and a half acre, purpose built paddock called the 'Kifaru Reserve' will be their new home.

Nkosi will be the head of the herd at the new Kifaru Reserve. Credit: Folly Farm

There are thought to be fewer than 650 Eastern Black Rhinos left in the wild and just 66 in zoos across Europe.

They will become the sixteenth species to be on the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, which Folly Farm is a member of.

A third female rhino will also be joining the pair shortly, making the trio a breeding herd.

A breeding programme will not start straight away as our rhinos are still too young, but it is something we hope to do as part of our Conservation Commitment and it is highly likely that a rhino calf born at Folly Farm will be re-introduced into the wild.

– Jack Gradidge, Head Rhino Keeper
The new enclosure will be a flagship exhibit for Folly Farm. Credit: Folly Farm