The glamour days of Port Talbot - furs, jewels and a casino comes to town

It's not quite Casino Royale but it is Casino Port Talbot. In 1961 the steel town was the first in the UK to open a Monte Carlo like establishment - a legal "gambling, cabaret, dance and fine dining establishment".

Port Talbot in 1961 - the steel town was ready for

The Casino Club Port Talbot was opened by gambling entrepreneur George Alfred James.

And the crowds certainly turned out for an evening of roulette wearing furs, bow-ties and dinner suits.

At the time, and under the gaming act rules, the casino had to operate under an 'equal chance' license, but George James was still confident of making money.

But not everyone was happy with the gambling enterprise - most notably religious leaders.

At the time Port Talbot was the biggest steel town in Europe.