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Remembering the time the Beatles came to Bangor...

When the Beatles arrived in Bangor in August 1967 they were mobbed, with the world's press watching their every move.

John Lennon interviewed by local journalist Derek Bellis Credit: Derek Bellis

The man they'd come to meet at Bangor's Normal College was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, to learn about something new and mysterious at the time -transcendental meditation.

Othe members of the party included Mick Jagger, Cilla Black and Marianne Faithfull.

While they were there, the band received some tragic news - the death of their manager Brian Epstein.

The Beatles had arrived at Bangor station and they were mobbed on arrival. Then they went up to the college, and that's when they got the news.

A pretty friendly bunch. They seemed a little nonplussed, obviously, by what had happened because they were very close to their manager.

– Derek Bellis, journalist
The Beatles in 1966 Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

The band were at the height of their fame, but the tragedy cast a shadow over their visit.

The Beatles and party at the college Credit: ITN

It's amazing that all that happened in Bangor. It's a unique moment in the Beatles career which was to have repurcussions right up until their split in 1970.

– Chris Collins, Bangor University

So while we continue to celebrate the Beatles music - it's worth remembering how a snall town in North Wales played an historic part in the story of the Fab Four.