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Penarth man tells of 'disbelief' in Paris

127 people lost their lives in Paris Photo: PA photo

A Welsh visitor to Paris has described the atmosphere of 'disbelief' that's descended on the city since last night's attacks. Anthony Pickles, from Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan, was at a restaurant just 400 metres from the Bataclan theatre where 127 people died.

"We started to get messages from home asking whether we were ok, whether we were safe, but no more information. So we looked through twitter and social media and it suddenly became clear that there was an ongoing situation."

– Anthony Pickles

Anthony and his friends returned to their accommodation. This morning, they awoke to find normally bustling city streets deserted, with shops closed and boarded up.

There's clearly a huge sense of shock. I'm here with some friends and we're discussing whether we go out today. I think everybody is just in a state of disbelief really.

– Anthony Pickles

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