Flights from Cardiff to Paris unaffected by terror attacks

Flybe operate regular flights from Cardiff Airport to Charles de Gaulle. Credit: Flybe

Following the terror attacks in Paris which left 129 people dead on Friday night, Flybe are continuing to operate flights "as normal" from Cardiff to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Flybe told ITV Cymru Wales that three flights had taken off over the weekend and they did not have to make any changes or cancellations.

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We have nothing tangible at the present time to indicate that passenger numbers from Cardiff have been significantly impacted by the attacks that took place in the French capital on Friday evening.”

Paul Simmons, Flybe’s Chief Commercial Officer

However, the regional airline which operates flights from Cardiff to Paris, says they will continue to closely monitor the situation.

They are urging passengers who've booked to travel today or tomorrow, and now don't wish to go to rebook with them for a later date.

Or you can select an alternative destination or place your booking on hold.

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To make any changes you are being advised to contact the Flybe Customer Contact Centre on 0371 700 2000 (+44 1392 683 152).

You can also check on the status of all flights or find information regarding Euro Disney on their website.