Commissioner to call for police cut rethink if threat level rises

Winston Roddick would like the Home Secretary to change her mind on police cuts - if the terror threat risk level rises. Credit: North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

The Police and Crime Commissioner for north Wales will ask the Government to rethink proposed cuts in police spending - if the terror threat risk level rises in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Winston Roddick says he is ready to try and persuade Home Secretary Theresa May to change her mind, should the threat level in the UK go up to 'critical' from the current 'severe' rating.

...If the threat level was to go up to critical, police forces would then become the front line for dealing with that threat and it would have to be dealt with not only by the intelligence services but also by community policing and probably more intense community policing. It would involve probably the cancellation of leave and rest days and everyone having to work seven days a week in order to man the pumps adequately. That is the signal, when you are working to capacity, that police forces cannot withstand any further cutbacks in their budgets and if that were to happen it would be appropriate for me to ask the Home Secretary to reconsider the extent of the cutbacks to afford further protection for policing, especially in those communities where the threat is particularly critical.

Winston Roddick, North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

Mr Roddick, the newly-elected chairman of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners for England and Wales, also sent out a message to the public on possible terrorist attacks: “Don’t be frightened – be alert.”