Woman finds therapy and success in art after PTSD diagnosis

Emma Cownie turned to art to help recover from PTSD. Credit: Emma Cownie

A woman based in Swansea who took up art full time as a form of therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has now been able to build a gallery and studio off the back of online sales of her work.

Emma Cownie was involved in a car crash in 2012 which left her with PTSD. Although she had been painting all of her life, the incident changed her artistic style and became an important part of her recovery.

Emma has sold 270 pieces of her art since 2013. Credit: Emma Cownie

In 2013 she joined Artfinder, a company that sells artwork from independent artists and galleries online.

Emma has since sold 270 artworks on the site and has recently completed work on a purpose built studio and gallery beside her home in Brynmil with the money raised from sales.

The art viewing space, called The Back Lane Gallery, will be hosting two exhibitions per year - the first of which opens on the 1st January 2016.

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Emma also has had a couple of exhibitions around Swansea over the past couple of weeks and her gallery opens next month.