Less chopsing, more chopping: hair salon launches a 'quiet chair'

Cut out the chat: clients won't have to make small talk Credit: Bauhaus

Dread small talk but need a haircut? A hair salon in Cardiff doesn't think clients should feel obliged to engage in 40 minutes of chatter with their stylist - and is now offering the chance to book a 'quiet chair' and sit in peace.

Bauhaus has introduced a no chat option for clients who don’t want to be asked about their next holiday as they get a trim or a blowdry. Salon owner Scott Miller said it was an attempt to allow salon-goers to switch off in an age where it can be difficult to find peace and quiet.

Salon owner Scott says it's what some customers want Credit: Bauhaus

Customers will be able to ask for a quiet chair when they book over the phone or via a walk-in at one of two hair salons in the city centre, with the feature soon to be rolled out online.

The salon says anybody who changes their mind halfway through their appointment on the 'quiet chair' can simply start talking - their stylist will obligingly talk back.