It's a bag for life! Shopper uses same Tesco plastic carrier bag for 34 years

Martin McCaskie got his Tesco carrier bag 34 years ago and estimates he used it more than 2,000 times.

The retired technician says the sturdy plastic carrier - which could be the oldest one in use - has served him well.

Watch: Ian Lang meets Martin McCaskie at his home in Mold

Mr McCaskie, who is 72 and lives in Mold, got the bag in 1981.

His family were unaware of the vintage carrier until recently when he produced it at his daughter’s house to collect some magazines.

After he produced the bag, Mr McCaskie’s daughter took a picture and posted it on her Facebook page.

She said: ‘It’s got a small hole in it but he still insists on using it. You could never tell he’s had it for 34 years because it’s so neat."

It's not old, it's vintage! Credit: ITV News / Ian Lang

Matt Tomlinson, store manager at Tesco in Mold, said: "It’s great to see that a customer as loyal as Mr McCaskie can rely on such a vintage Tesco carrier bag."