Warnings over fly-tipping increase during Christmas holidays

Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

There are concerns over the increase in fly-tipping and the dumping of domestic waste during Christmas.

Recent figures from Fly-Tipping Action Wales shows two thirds of all illegally dumped waste in Wales comes from households.

It says general household rubbish increases as people start to replace old electrical appliances, furniture, clothes, toys and general bric-a-brac with new Christmas gifts.

Further research released by the organisation shows that six in 10 people in Wales still believe there are barriers to getting rid of waste legally and don't realise charities can be used to get rid of bulky household items.

Fly-Tipping Action Wales is now calling on people to think about where to take their waste and what can be done with it.

Fly-tipping is estimated to cost tax payers around £2 million in clean-up costs. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales News

Our research shows that people feel there are barriers to disposing of household waste including the cost of council levies for collecting waste, household waste recycling centres being too far or inconvenient to take bulky items to, untimely opening times of household waste recycling centres or simply not knowing what recycling and waste disposal services are available locally.

Gary Evans, Fly-Tipping Action Wales

On average there's over 30,000 fly-tipping incidents in Wales every year. It's estimated to cost tax payers around £2 million in clean-up costs.