Organ donation: Wales' presumed consent law makes headline news in Canada

Rob Osborne appearing on Canadian television Credit: ITV Wales

This week Wales made history by becoming the first UK country to introduce a system of presumed consent.

I knew it would make headline news in Wales, and I suspected the UK national media would be interested, but I never thought the good people of Canada would be talking about it.

On Thursday evening I received a call from a producer for Canada AM - the number one breakfast TV show in the country. He wanted me to come on and talk about our new system.

"Why are you interested?" I asked. "It's big news over here" he told me. So this morning I appeared on the programme to answer questions about our new system.

According to CTV News most Canadians prefer an opt in system, the one Wales has just abandoned.

If you're interested in seeing it, the video is below: