Mark Drakeford says he's going to amend the Public Health Bill to define areas where e-cigarettes should be banned

Health Minister Mark Drakeford AM is to water down his plans on banning e-cigarettes in all enclosed public places.

Speaking in the Senedd this afternoon he said that while it was his personal opinion that a ban was needed, he recognises that isn't the view of all in the Assembly.

So now the minister intends to amend the Public Health Bill and will define enclosed public spaces to mean educational establishments with students aged 18 and under, public transport and places where food is served.

His new position raises some questions. Are these three categories so broad that it will in effect include most places anyway? Why aren't hospitals and GP practices included? And what does he mean by "places where food is served?" Would that include a pub which doesn't sell hot prepared food but will flog you a packet of crisps and a pickled egg? Or a cinema which sells hotdogs and popcorn?

We will find out more after Christmas when the issue returns to the Assembly

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