2015 review: 'Organ donation turned my life around' says one of Wales' longest living transplant patients

One of my highlights of 2015 is one of the biggest stories we covered - the change in the organ donation law, writes Megan Boot.

I met lots of incredible people right across Wales, but one story that really stands out is the story of Gloria Owens.

She is one of the longest surviving transplant patients in the country.

Gloria received her replacement kidney over 31 years ago.

She was just 19 years old when she realised that something was wrong with her kidneys. It was an illness that cost her her health, and her and her husband John a chance of having children.

Gloria Owens and her husband

For the last seven years, Gloria and her husband John have been part of the team behind a magazine for Welsh kidney patients.

Hear more of their story below: