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Organ donation law 'one of Wales' greatest achievements'

Organ donor families and recipients hold cards in Cathays Park, Cardiff, to reveal the date from which the new legislation became effective. Photo: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Wales' new system for organ donation was one of our greatest achievements of 2015, the First Minister has said.

In his New Year's message, Carwyn Jones said: "Our revolutionary soft opt-out system will save lives - it's really as simple as that."

The new legislation, which came in on December 1, means it's now presumed you're happy to donate your organs and tissues after death - unless you've opted out.

Wales has made history with the new system, making headline news around the world.

Last month, our health correspondent Rob Osborne appeared on Canada's leading breakfast TV show to answer questions about the changes:

But the new system has also attracted some criticism, particularly around religion and ethics.

There is also a warning that the new system won't solve all the problems around the organ donor waiting list.

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Carwyn Jones highlighted Wales' sporting achievements in his New Year's message. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

In his New Year's message, Carwyn Jones also praised Wales' sporting achievements of 2015.

We've hosted another Ashes Test, a Rugby World Cup and our national stadium has been announced as the host of the Champions League final in 2017.

Against a backdrop of a terrible run of injuries, the Welsh rugby team performed well in the World Cup - but by far the biggest sporting achievement of the year was the Wales football team reaching their first major finals since 1958.

– Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales

Mr Jones also acknowledged the "ongoing severe pressures" faced by Wales' industries - particularly the steel industry.