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Hats Off Newport: The video challenge where people take their hat off to someone making a difference

Getting fit or eating healthier might be high on your list of New Year's resolutions... but what about being kinder to others?

People in Newport are already well on their way.

They've started a campaign to find the kindest person they know.

A selection of the videos

Wearing hats, and speaking from the heart...

Hats Off Newport is a campaign urging people from the city to pay tribute to someone who's made a difference

We decided we would do a campaign that would use social media... everyone's got a phone now, so we'd let people tell their own stories about the kind things and the good things people do in the community.

We based it a bit on ice bucket challenge, so instead of putting big cold buckets of water over your head, you wear a hat and take your hat off someone that has done something great!

– Helen Reynolds, creator of Hats Off Newport

The videos have been comical and creative, but those involved say they're very serious about what they're doing.

I think it's showcasing what Newport has to offer. I think the people who are in it, and what good will is going on, but I think Newport's a city on the rise.

The people who are involved in it are more important than the city's qualities itself, so I think it's definitely the place to be and the city of the future"

– Ryan Hiscott

Christmas might be over, but the campaign hopes to spread some more cheer into the new year...

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below: