Brave widow donates son's organs after seven-year-old and husband were killed in car crash

Anna-Louise Bates' world was turned upside down when she lost her husband and son in a road crash last month.

Stuart Bates, 43, and his seven-year-old son Fraser were struck as they crossed the A4119 near Llantrisant.

Stuart was pronounced dead at the scene and Fraser was taken to hospital but died of his injuries.

Anna-Louise was then faced with the difficult decision as to whether to donate Fraser's organs. She said she knew it's what Fraser and Stuart would've wanted.

Stuart and Fraser were killed in a road accident last month Credit: Family photograph

She told Good Morning Britain:

Fraser's organs were donated and have gone on to save four lives.

Anna-Louise also made the decision to donate her husband's tissue following the tragedy.

The grieving mother and widow speaking to GMB. Credit: GMB

Anna-Louise spoke to Good Morning Britain alongside her father Paul about a new charity she has set up called Believe.

The charity's aim is to raise awareness and provide support to those who find themselves in a similar situation as she did.

Since the charity was set up, it's received £20,000 worth of donations and Anna has also received a personal letter from adventurer Bear Grylls.

Fraser was a keen Beaver and member of the Scout Association Credit: Family photograph

In the heartfelt letter, Bear told Anna she should be 'incredibly proud' of the joy Fraser and Stuart brought to others and the 'wonderful contribution they bought to Scouts and life'.

"Fraser was such an outdoor boy - he loved camping - I could never get him inside!", she told Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd.

Anna-Louise is also friends with Jess Evans - the mother of the UK's youngest organ donor Teddy.

She said she was inspired by organ donation and Teddy's story after seeing it on the Pride of Britain Awards.

Anna-Louise (right) made the brave decision to donate her young son's organs. Credit: Good Morning Britain

After learning of complications during her pregnancy with twins, Jessica and her partner Mike Houlston from Cardiff decided to they would continue with both pregnancies - despite one of the babies being given a slim chance of survival.

Jess gave birth to twin boys Teddy and Noah in April 2014 and Teddy was born with a rare and fatal condition - anencephaly. He lived for just 100 minutes and the couple made the decision for his organs to be donated.

As of 1 December 2015, Wales became the first country in the UK to introduce a new soft opt-out system for organ and tissue donation.

Anna-Louise hopes her charity will be able to help others who are faced with the prospect of donating a loved one's organs.