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Sink hole closes road in Neath

The sinkhole at Cimla Road in Neath. Credit: Mike Davies

A sinkhole up has appeared in Neath leading to the closure of a main road.

Police have closed off Cimla Road following the discovery at the bottom of Cimla Hill.

Neath Port Talbot council workers are currently at the scene assessing the damage and preparing to carry out emergency repairs.

Credit: Mike Davies

Assembly Member for Neath Gwenda Thomas asked people to be patient:

We realise that the closure of Cimla Rd is a tremendous inconvenience for local residents and road users, and severely disrupts public transport.

It also causes increased traffic flows in routes diverted through residential areas which are not ideally suited for this greater volume.

In a case like this, however, safety is of paramount concern, and we are sure that the officials involved will resolve this problem as soon as they can.

In the meantime, all we can ask is that people show patience and understanding’.

– Gwenda Thomas AM