First Minister and UKIP leader clash over steel, business and farming at EU debate

Agriculture, steel, business and immigration were all topics for debate as First Minister Carwyn Jones and UKIP leader Nigel Farage went head-to-head at the Institute of Welsh Affairs debate this evening.

Mr Jones said European funding has helped businesses, jobs and training in Wales and it wasn't worth the gamble of what would happen if the UK was to leave the EU. Mr Farage said he believes the UK is in a strong enough position to govern itself without reliance on the European Union.

Both Carwyn Jones and Nigel Farage answered questions on the economy, immigration and steel before the debate was opened up for questions from the audience. Credit: ITV Wales

The future of Port Talbot steel works was a major debating point with Mr Farage debating it had a better chance of surviving if the UK left the EU. The First Minister hit back that it was global, not European issues that were affecting the steel industry.

Mr Jones claimed that Welsh jobs would be put at risk if we left the EU, a claim Mr Farage described as scaremongering. The UKIP leader suggested Wales's fishing industry would thrive if the UK came out of the union, though Mr Jones challenged him about the number of fisheries committee meetings Mr Farage had attended in Brussels.

Watch the full debate below: