Two brothers who discovered the fossilised bones of a dinosaur on a Welsh beach have had the reptile named after them.

Dracoraptor hanigani was found by Nick and Rob Hanigan on Lavernock beach near Penarth in 2014. Dracoraptor translates to 'dragon robber.'

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The brothers spotted several loose blocks containing part of the skeleton of a small dinosaur after a cliff fall, and collected them.

Fossilised bones including its skull, claws and serrated teeth, were spread across five slabs of rock.

The dinosaur is now on display in the main hall of the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

We wanted to make a name that was synonymous with Wales even though Wales wasn't technically here then. We wanted to make people think of the dinosaur and think of Wales.

Rob Hanigan

Hear the story of the Dracoraptor below: