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The rise in cancer cases is being put down to people living longer

The report shows there's been an increase in many preventable cancers Credit: PA Images

The number of new cancer cases in Wales has risen by 14 per cent in the past 10 years, according to a new report by Public Health Wales.

The increase is said to be because people are living longer and there has been an increase in many preventable cancers, especially in women.

Lung cancer rates have increased in women over the last 10 years. Credit: PA Images

Lung, breast, prostate, and bowel cancers remain the most common cancers and along with melanoma, they showed the biggest increase.

The report also demonstrated a clear link between lung cancer and inequality in Wales, as well as highlighting that Welsh women have one of the highest lung cancer incidence rates in Europe.

However, testicular, prostate, breast cancer and melanoma also have the best survival rates.

The good news is that many initiatives today - such as legislation to reduce smoking - will help prevent such cancers in future, and we can do more. However, around six in 10 cases of cancer may not be preventable.

– Dr Dyfed Huws, Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit

Plans are in place in Wales to improve earlier diagnosis and increase access to potentially life-saving lung surgery and radiotherapy.