'This is the fake jihad life' - Cardiff teen filmed himself and friend pretending to be on missions in Syria

'This is the fake jihad life,' Aseel Muthana shouts in a video taken on a mobile phone showing he and Kristen Brekke messing about on a Cardiff hill just months before he left for Syria.

The videos - seized by police during their investigations into Brekke and his co-defendants Adeel Ulhaq and Forhad Rahman - show the two friends pretending to be on Jihadi missions and posing with BB guns.

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In one of them, Muthana says: 'Are you depressed? Are you stressed? Do you have no friends? Then come join us at Cardiff Hill, AKA Asda Hill. This is the fake jihad life.'

In another, Muthana is heard saying: 'If you're watching this, I'm probably dead or a legend or something.'

Police also found Skype chats between Muthana and Rahman on his phone from February 22nd 2014 - the day after he left the UK.

Asseel Muthana spoke to Forhad Rahman the day after he left the UK via Skype. Credit: South Wales Police