Two of the four Welsh police forces 'require improvement' in the way they prevent and investigate crime

A HMIC report grading every police force on its overall effectiveness in reducing crime and keeping people safe, has concluded two of the four Welsh forces 'require improvement'.

Basing its assessment on how well they prevent and investigate crime, manage offenders, protect vulnerable people and tackle serious organised crime, both Dyfed Powys and North Wales Police were told improvement was needed.

Meanwhile South Wales Police and Gwent Police were given a rating of 'Good'.

Overall, the report found most police forces are 'good' at preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, but the quality of investigations remains disappointing.

HMIC says it found a similar pattern in last year's report, and that it is 'disappointed' not to see more progress

Dyfed-Powys and North Wales Police are two of 18 forces requiring imporvement Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

North Wales Police says the report highlights the achievement of the force in a number of areas at a time when it has been under 'considerable pressure to reduce spending.'

However it says the report, which states North Wales Police requires improvement in keeping people safe and reducing crime, contradicts itself.

Meanwhile Dyfed-Powys Police say it too welcomes the report which praises its approach to tackling serious and organised crime, and that while it is a small service relative to the area it polices, it is always thinking innovatively about how it allocates resources and meets demand.


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