'Six' year old Mum celebrates birthday with her own leap year baby

You're kid-ing! Leap year mum Nichola, aged 'six' today, gives birth to her own leap year baby Credit: ITV News

A mum from Newport celebrated her sixth actual birthday today by giving birth to her own leap year baby. The unbelievable coincidence has stunned the entire family.

Nichola Davis has only had six birthdays in her lifetime - despite being 24 years old. She was born on 29th February 1992. The date only occurs every four years when there's a leap year.

Now, Nichola's baby will celebrate her own birthday every four years with her mum.

Leap year baby Nevaeh was born this morning to a leap year mum Credit: ITV News

Nevaeh Jenkins was born early this morning weighing 9lbs 1oz. Nevaeh is 'Heaven' spelt backwards. Proud mum Nichola says a midwife predicted the baby was hanging on to share her mum's unusual birthday.

Leap year babies: Nichola and her daughter Nevaeh were both born on February 29 Credit: ITV News

Proud grandparents Michael and Carolyn Davis said they had a feeling their daughter's baby would come on her unusual birthday.

Nevaeh's grandad Michael added it was "easier than remembering a new birthday!"

Nichola's nurse Jodie Harper said Nevaeh is an "extra special baby" to be born on her mum's leap year birthday.

"You never see it in this business. This is the first one I've ever heard of," she added.