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Dogs trained in Wales head to Kenya to join anti-poaching unit

Credit: Malpeet K9 Academy

Three specially trained dogs are heading from Wales to Africa to join an anti-poaching unit.

The dogs called Maxo, Zack and Jack will be ready for their journey and important mission to join Lewa Wildlife Conservancy dog unit to protect creatures more valuable than gold.

The two Belgian Malinois and single Dutch Herder are finishing up months of intensive training in Bridgend.

They have been trained by Simon Mallin who's the Head Trainer of Malpeet K9, an academy used for training sniffer, patrol and security dogs.

The dogs are trained to sniff out poachers and help protect endangered wildlife in Kenya Credit: Malpeet K9 Academy

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Jack, Zack and Maxo have been selected for their high energy level, a 'driven' personality and a pronounced prey/chase drive.

They are being trained to detect human scent and track for miles in bush terrain.

The two breeds are often used in police, military and security work.

Once trained, they will be tracking poachers which are a threat of the lives of wildlife conservancy staff and animals.

Lewa's tracker dog unit is often called upon to assist anti-poaching investigations across the country, from the expansive northern Kenya to the Maasai Mara and the Kenyan coast.