Bridge of fools? Teenager slammed for backflip stunt

"Idiot" and "irresponsible" are just two of the insults thrown at a 16 year-old student who had his friends film him perform a backflip on top of a bridge.

James Corr climbed the Blue Bridge in Rhyl on the North Wales coast at the weekend and did a backflip.

The pictures and video have since been seen and shared thousands of times with mixed reactions, the local council branded it "irresponsible".

Watch: James Corr performs a dangerous backflip

James Corr, aged 16 from Colwyn Bay, told ITV News he had been practising the stunt for years as part of the free running urban sport, also known as Parkour.

Jack Bellis courted controversy when he walked over the top of the Blue Bridge Credit: ITV News

James, a student in Rhos-on-Sea, said his friends had told him it was dangerous but he wanted to prove them wrong.

He says he was inspired by another Parkour enthusiast Jack Bellis who also courted controversy in 2013 when he walked over the bridge with a friend.

Jack Bellis and a friend crossing the bridge in 2013. Credit: Geoff Abbot

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James says he knows people think he's foolish:

His mother Tina told ITV News she was "worried, angry and scared" when she saw the video.

North Wales Police said no crime had been committed but a Denbighshire council spokeswoman said: “We don’t condone this kind of irresponsible behaviour. It needlessly puts personal safety at risk and possibly the safety of others too.”