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Special school pupils on Anglesey tuned in to new-found confidence

Credit: Gethin Thomas

Students at a special needs school in Anglesey are enjoying a new-found confidence after a class-full of musical instruments were donated by musicians in Warwickshire.

Music is an integral part of the curriculum for the children at Canolfan Addysg y Bont, Anglesey Special School, in Llangefni.

The children have been donated of ten plastic trombones known as pBones.

pBone is the world's first plastic trombone and has opened up a whole new world of music to the children at the school, whose ages range from 3 to 18.

An instrument that traditionally has not always been accessible to youngsters is now available to children of all ages and all abilities.

Credit: Gethin Thomas

One of the key ambitions of pBone developers is to introduce brass to a wider range of young people in particular and to encourage them to participate in music.

Canolfan Addysg y Bont caters for a range of special educational needs and music is an important, therapeutic medium.

The school's band: 'pBand' has performed to parents and friends of the school.

For many of the parents, this was the first time their child had performed in public.

I have seen first-hand, the benefits of adding pBones to our lessons. Our school caters for a range of diverse special educational needs, and music is extremely important. For some of the students, communication is not something that comes naturally to them. These instruments are not only building their emotional confidence, but also helping them to develop their speaking voice.

Pupil participation is a priority, and pBone enables us to include all abilities of our pupils - and to actively engaging with them in musical. pBone is very easy to hold - it's lightweight and durable - it's certainly very attractive for pupils, with its distinct colours and quick assembly. Not only are the students interested in the instruments - even the staff have taken to the pBone - making their preference know to the different colours!

– Gethin Thomas, Head of Music, Canolfan Addysg y Bont