Litter: What's being done to clean up our streets?

Litter is still a big problem across Wales.

Litter makes us angry, it's bad for the environment and costs taxpayers in Wales tens of millions of pounds to clean up every year.

But what's being done to try and keep our streets clean?

Wales This Week met with Jess Magness from Keep Wales Tidy. They work with the Welsh Government to help tackle litter across the country.

The charity surveys streets up and down Wales to help establish where the hotspots are. Their latest data, based on more than three thousand streets, found that:

Just over 3% of Welsh streets are litter free.

Local Authorities are also employing different tactics to keep Welsh streets clean.

Six years ago Wales became the only part of the UK to set statutory recycling targets.

It means, by law, that by 2025, 70% of our rubbish will have to be recycled.

The Welsh Government says litter also has a "negative impact on the economy", affecting tourism and investment.

Many councillors say there needs to be a change in attitude in how people dispose of litter.