Food hygiene ratings to be put on takeaway flyers

Takeaway businesses in Wales will be required to promote their food hygiene ratings on leaflets which enable customers to order by phone or online when new rules come into force in November 2016, the Welsh Government has announced.

Wales was the first country in the UK to create a statutory food hygiene rating scheme in November 2013 when the Food Hygiene Rating (Wales) Act 2013 made it compulsory for all food businesses - such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways, hotels and supermarkets - to publicly display their food hygiene rating on their premises.

From 28 November 2016 - the third anniversary of the statutory Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in Wales coming into force - all takeaway food businesses will be required to publish a bilingual statement on certain hardcopy publicity materials directing customers to the food hygiene ratings website.

If a takeaway leaflet or menu shows food for sale, the price and a way of ordering the food without visiting the premises, it will also have to show a statement which will remind customers they can check the food hygiene rating of the food business on the food hygiene ratings website.

Credit: PA images

The statement will also remind consumers they have a legal right to ask the food business for their food hygiene rating when they order.

Regulations which were passed by the National Assembly for Wales this week encourage the voluntary display of valid food hygiene ratings on this type of publicity material but they specify that, if displayed, a rating must be valid and in the specified format so it can be clearly seen.

The latest statistics show more than 60% of food businesses in Wales have been awarded the highest (very good) rating - a five. This is up from 33.2% in March 2012.