More fool you? The best April Fools in Wales today

Is it all 'pie in the sky' or will Peter's Pies be able to deliver on it's promise of getting it's pies, pasties or sausage rolls wherever you are - by drone delivery?

Hungry customers can now order their savoury snacks from anywhere in the UK via the Peter’s app which will automatically detect their location.

A drone, carrying their Peter’s goodies, will then be sent direct.

Watch: 'Pie in the Sky' - pies and pasties delivered wherever you are

But as it's April Fool's Day pies really won't be flying off the shelves after all!

Other stories that may have caught you out this morning are:

Menai Bridge 'could be sold to USA investors as tourist attraction'

The Menai Bridge to be taken down and rebuilt in the US. Credit: PA

The Daily Post reports that investors from USA plan to buy the landmark Menai Bridge in north Wales and rebuild it in Arizona - a move echoing relocation of London Bridge to Lake Havasu in 1960s.

Scotland and Wales 'could form own country' if Britain votes to leave EU

A united Wales and Scotland? Credit: PA

The Independent had a bit of a bombshell, citing a leaked document, it claimed Wales and Scotland would unite to form a single country if the UK voted to leave the EU.

A bridge or tunnel would link the two countries via the Isle of Man.

Drone parking wardens to begin patrolling Swansea skies and issuing tickets

Drone traffic wardens in Swansea? Credit: PA

And if you live in Swansea and you read [The Evening Post]( you may have had concerns about parking tickets being issues by drones flying over the city this summer