Adrian's Election Bites: Episode 1

Six meals, six political leaders and six election chats with a twist

As Political Editor for ITV Cymru Wales, I think I know the leaders of Wales' largest parties well. Over the years I've covered their policy launches, their manifesto pledges; I know what their parties stand for and I know what their opponents think about them.

But that was before I spent time making omelettes with them, washed and chopped potatoes for them, grated parsnips for what felt like hours and stirred the sauces for Lasagne and Sloppy Joes.

I've now seen a whole new side to them, spending a few hours in the kitchen, outside (mostly) their comfort zones and mine, away from the Assembly chamber and the campaign trail.

The idea behind Adrian's Election Bites is simple: to get to know the people who want our votes on May 5th as people as well as politicians.

In the kitchen with Alice Hooker-Stroud

Each week, one of the leaders makes dinner with me as their sous chef. While we're chopping, grating, washing and stirring, I ask them about their backgrounds and the kind of people they are. It's quite revealing.

Then, over dinner, I quiz them about what they're promising voters in this election, leaving the most difficult questions until their mouths are full!

Adrian Masters and Alice Hooker-Stroud tuck into their butternut squash soup

We begin with the newest - and youngest - leader in the pack, Alice Hooker-Stroud who was elected to lead the Greens in Wales at the end of last year.

As I help her prepare our dinner, I ask her what makes her tick, why she's thrown herself into politics and whether or not the Greens are just a single-issue party, focussing on the environment at the expense of other issues such as the NHS or schools.

Of course we’re not a one issue party and I think actually it works best if you look at everything together. It’s really important that we have healthcare, schools, good public transport to be able to have communities that work

– Alice Hooker-Stroud

The Greens have never had any Assembly Members, but they believe that growing membership and increasing support in opinion polls suggest this election represents their best chance of winning a seat in the Senedd chamber.

Over dinner, I ask their leader in Wales what they'd do with that influence if they succeed and why people should vote Green.

We do face some really serious problems and I sometimes feel as though politicians aren’t honest with our populations enough about the severity of those problems. And when we’re faced with really big problems then the solutions do require quite a lot of change and I think we have to speak really honestly about that.

– Alice Hooker-Stroud
Alice Hooker-Stroud

Join us as we chew over food and politics in Adrian's Election Bites, Tonight at 8pm on ITV Cymru Wales.

The full list of programmes:

  • Monday 4th April 8pm: Alice Hooker-Stroud (Greens)
  • Monday 11th April 8pm: Nathan Gill (UKIP)
  • Monday 18th April 8pm: Kirsty Williams (Liberal Democrats)
  • Monday 25th April 8pm: Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru)
  • Friday 29th April 8pm: Andrew RT Davies (Conservatives)
  • Monday 2nd May 8pm: Carwyn Jones (Labour)

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