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Educating asylum seekers in Cardiff

Current estimates suggest there are around 3,000 asylum seekers living in Wales.

English lessons play a key part in helping them find work and become part of their new communities.

There are currently around 3,000 asylum seekers living in Wales Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

ITV Wales spent the day at Oasis Cardiff, a centre that provides english lessons to refugees and asylum seekers.

Richard Eynon an ESOL teacher. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Richard Eynon is an ESOL teacher. He says he regularly teaches more than 20 students and says there is a real thirst for learning.

Issa was one of the students we met. He was keen to improve his english so he could resume his career in the power industry.

Issa is keen to resume his career. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Watch Megan Boot's report:

The founder of Oasis Cardiff , Reynette Roberts, believes english lessons are essential:

"It helps people begin to build bridges and get involved in the community. To understand the system, to be able to communicate with others in the community whether it be shopping, going to the doctors, housing, the job centre - anything that makes them feel the same as everyone else really."

– Reynette Roberts, Oasis Cardiff
English lessons helped Mohammed Jalali get the skills he needed to work Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The Welsh Refugee Council believe more should be done to teach asylum seekers English. They are currently working with the University of South Wales and Cardiff University, to provide English lessons.

The Welsh Refugee Council believe more should be done to teach asylum seekers Enlgish Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

In March, the Welsh Government launched a three year plan to help refugees and asylum seekers rebuild their lives in Wales. It includes support in:

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Educational opportunities