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Welsh Lib Dem Leader hoping to confound election expectations

In the third programme of Adrian's Election Bites, you'll see Kirsty Williams tell me a story which made me laugh but also really illustrates the tension between the full-on life of a politician and the needs of everyday life.

Kirsty Williams appears in tonight's episode of Adrian's Election Bites.

We'd been talking about political highlights. This is what she said:

Meeting Barack Obama was particularly exciting, but I was very quickly brought back down to earth. I rang home and spoke to my husband and said 'I got to speak to Barack Obama' and he was like, 'Yeah, great. I can't find the kids' swimming costumes.

– Kirsty Williams, Leader, Welsh Liberal Democrats

For me, that's the perfect example of what Adrian's Election Bites sets out to do - to get to know the people who want our votes on May 5th as people as well as politicians.

Each week, one of the leaders makes dinner with me as their sous chef. While we're chopping, grating, washing and stirring, I ask them about their backgrounds and the kind of people they are.

Kirsty Williams chose to make Sloppy Joes, classic American comfort food because it's one of her daughters' favourites. It also reveals her great love for the United States.

Kirsty Williams says the Lib Dems have punched above their weight.

While we prepared the meal we were about to eat, I ask her what makes her tick, what her family think of her being the leader of a political party and what constitutes a good day in the office.

The Welsh Lib Dems have a tough time ahead between now and May. Last year's disastrous UK General Election saw the party punished by voters for what many perceived as betrayal during the coalition government.

Kirsty Williams has previously warned fellow Lib Dems against licking their wounds and she shows no sign of doing so either.

She dismisses my questions about the party's bleak prospects by telling me that they've confounded expectations before.

The job of a progressive party is to make progress and sometimes when you are the smallest that means you have to work with others to do that and we have been able to put political differences aside and convince people of our arguments.

– Kirsty Williams, Leader Welsh Liberal Democrats

And she tells me she believes she has a strong message to voters: the Lib Dems have been the smallest party in the Senedd for the last five years but have punched above their weight by pushing through their policies by doing deals with the Welsh Government.

Join us as Kirsty Williams and I chew over the Welsh election, as we chew over our Sloppy Joes, tonight at 8pm on ITV Cymru Wales.

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