It's a good job that neither Leanne Wood nor I are chefs because our cooking leaves a lot to be desired.

To be fair, the Plaid Cymru leader is up-front about not enjoying cooking - her chosen form of relaxing is gardening.

And in our defence, neither of us have ever spent any time in the kitchen of a cafe before. I don't think we'll be asked back in the future either.

However, we had a lot of fun messing about in the cafe for the fourth programme in my Election Bites series, and I learned a lot about Leanne Wood.

Leanne Wood serves up an omelette and her party's plan for Wales.

That's the reason behind this series: to take the Welsh political leaders, who want our votes on May 5th, outside their comfort zone (and mine) and get to know them as people as well as politicians.

Leanne Wood told me what makes her tick, why she keeps doing what she does and what she does in the little spare time that she gets.

We talked about being a leader when you've been a rebel and how she's changed the way she operates as she's taken on that responsibility.

And as we chewed over our meal, I asked her what voters can expect Plaid Cymru to offer as the Welsh election looms ever nearer.

We can either carry on with another five years of doing the same thing, I mean the government has run out of ideas really, so we need fresh thinking, new ambition to try and revive our decline in public services and our economy as well.


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