Voters say Plaid leader's doing well, PM very badly

Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood is the leader with the most highly rated performance, David Cameron has by far the worst rating Credit: Prof Roger Scully

As well as asking people who they would vote for in the Assembly election, the latest Welsh Barometer poll asked people whether they thought the various party leaders were doing well or badly. Taking the percentage for "badly" away from the percentage for "well" produces the following ratings for each Welsh and UK leader:

  • Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) 16%

  • Carwyn Jones (Welsh Labour) 4%

  • Kirsty Williams (Welsh Lib Dems) 2%

  • Natalie Bennett (Green Party) 1%

  • Nigel Farage (UKIP) -9%

  • Alice Hooker-Stroud (Wales Green Party) -8%

  • Tim Farron (Liberal Democrats) -14%

  • Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) -15%

  • Nathan Gill (UKIP Wales) -16%

  • Andrew RT Davies (Welsh Conservatives) -16%

  • David Cameron (Conservatives) -37%

Leanne Wood's feat of getting a positive rating in double figures is clearly a lot harder than provoking a similarly strong negative reaction, which all the leaders at Westminster have managed. David Cameron demonstrates that being the best known political leader is a long way from being the one with the best approval ratings.

He's not been helped by the steel crisis. 57% think the UK Government should be doing more to help Port Talbot and only 20% that it's doing as much as it reasonably can. (For the Welsh Government, 40% think it should be doing more and 30% that it's doing all it can). Even so, when it comes to Port Talbot's future, 38% want what the UK Government is trying to do -get a new private owner to buy it with government help.

Not only is that the most popular option, it's also what 38% think is most likely to happen, with 31% fearing that closure is the most probable outcome. Two weeks ago it was 38% who predicted closure, with just 29% predicting a state-aided private takeover.

This all suggests that in Wales at least, it's important for David Cameron not to be too closely associated with the cause that seems dearest to his heart at the moment -keeping Britain in the European Union. The Prime Minister has not campaigned in Wales for over a month. In his absence, Welsh support for a "remain" victory in the referendum has gone up. It's now on 41%, compared with 37% for leaving the EU.

  • The poll for ITV and Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre had a sample of 1001 Welsh adults and was carried out by YouGov, 19-22 April 2016.