'Homesick' sheepdog returns home after 240-mile journey

A homesick dog decided to re-create his own version of Homeward Bound by returning home to his Welsh owners - after being given to a farm more than 200 miles away.

Pero the Sheepdog's adventure began after he ran away from his new home in Cockermouth, Cumbria, to make the trek back to the village of Penrhyncoch in mid Wales.

The four year old is one of 15 sheepdogs on the family farm, but was given away to a Cumbrian farmer to see how he worked there.

But he ran off from his new home while out herding sheep and made it back to Wales in just 12 days.

His farmer in Wales, Alan James, says it's a total mystery how he made it back home.

Watch Kevin Ashford's report:

Pero made the journey from Cumbria to mid Wales - a distance of 240 miles - in 12 days. Credit: Wales News Service

Mr James' wife, Shan, said the family were so taken aback by Pero's loyalty they've decided to welcome him back home for good.

Farmer Alan James was surprised when Pero turned up on the doorstep almost two-weeks after he went missing from a farm in Cumbria. Credit: Wales News Service