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Mother makes hospital pyjamas to help children feel comfortable

A mother from Neath has started making special hospital pyjamas for children who need to be examined by medical staff.

Kayleigh Whitton has been making the pyjamas since her daughter's birth.

Kayleigh Whitton’s daughter Lani spent her first days in hospital after being born at 32 weeks. She said was concerned about Lani’s vulnerability and comfort whilst kept in a nappy for examinations by medical staff.

She decided to make her daughter a pair of pyjamas to make her more comfortable, but still accessible for examinations.

You don't pull them over your head, it's like a kimono so it's tied on the inside [and] tied on the outside so it opens up, so you can instantly get access to the chest or to the side or to the back.

– Kayleigh Whitton
Lani now helps her mum sort and organise the pyjamas.

Since May last year, Kayleigh has been working with two other women as part of charity Wrap Pyjama Fairies, creating dressing gowns and pyjamas to help children in hospital feel more comfortable.

There are now hundreds of volunteers sewing and supplying pyjamas to hospitals across the UK and the charity have so far fitted around a thousand children with pyjamas.