As leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies may be criticised for many things, but never of being a career politician.

In tonight’s episode of Adrian’s Election Bites, he tells me that not only would he have plenty to keep him occupied if he weren’t re-elected next week, but also that if he does return to the Assembly, he’s prepared to put his own leadership second to the party’s interests.

The first hoop is to be successful on May the 5th and convince people that we have the ideas and the policies that will support them in their communities and their ambitions. If we can do that I would very much like to be First Minister of Wales and govern so that we can implement our policies. If the people of Wales aren't fussed on our offer and we go backwards then the decision is taken for me isnt it?

Andrew RT Davies

It’s a frank approach that’s characteristic of a man whose big personality sometimes divides opinion in politics, but makes him an entertaining host.

And that’s the idea behind this series: to reveal as much about the person as the politics of the party they represent. After all, their parties have entrusted them as the best person to get their message across to us as voters.

Each week the leader of one of our largest political parties here in Wales makes me dinner, while I try to distract them by asking them questions while they’re preparing the food. Then we sit down to dinner and go into more depth about their policies and promises.

Tonight we learn that Andrew RT Davies never intended to be a politician but found himself frustrated by the handling of the BSE crisis in the 1990s and decide he could do a better job.

He talks about his relationship with David Cameron which has become frosty since the two of them found themselves on opposite sides of the EU referendum debate. ‘Distant’ is how he jokingly describes the relationship, before going on to praise the Prime Minister’s achievements.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s willing to take the flak that being outspoken and being leader sometimes entails. As he tells me, ‘I’m my own man and if people don’t like it, well I’m sorry, but that’s what you get.’

Join us for dinner in tonight’s episode of Adrian’s Election Bites, tonight at 8pm on ITV Cymru Wales.