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How to vote in Thursday's Welsh Assembly and Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Credit: Electoral Commission

Tomorrow, Thursday the 5th of May, you'll be given the opportunity to vote in the National Assembly for Wales and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

The Electoral Commission has put together this useful video to explain how you should fill in the three ballow papers given to you at polling stations.

When you arrive at your local polling station, you'll be given three ballot papers.

Two are for the National Assembly of Wales elections: one to vote in the regional list and another for your local constituency.

On your constituency list you'll be asked to put a cross in the box next to your preferred candidate. Your regional list ballot will differ in that you will be asked to cross the box next to your preferred party, or independent candidate.

Credit: PA

On your Police and Crime Commissioner ballot paper, you'll be asked to give a first and second choice of candidate.

You should make a cross in the first column for your first choice candidate to represent your area, and cross the second column for your second choice.

If you don't have a second preference, your first choice will still be counted.