Man jailed for nine years after stabbing his friend three times

A man who stabbed his friend three times causing life threatening injuries has been jailed for nine years.

Defendant Stephen Mark Prosser, 43, showed no emotion when the sentence was passed at Mold Crown Court.

The court was told that victim Billy Moore and the defendant were friends, both lived in Lon Brynli in Prestatyn, and that Mr Moore had saved the defendant’s life previously when he overdosed.

Both were described as drug users, Mr Moore had called on the morning of January 4th, and asked if he wanted him to get some heroin, the defendant said he did and gave him £10.

Mold Crown Court. Credit: PA

Mr Moore went to a flat where he was told the drugs would not be available for 20 minutes, Mr Moore rang Prosser to tell him but the defendant became angry and did not believe him.

Prosecutor David Mainstone said that Mr Moore put the phone down after a heated exchange.

He sent the defendant a text telling him to come and get his £10 and expressing disquiet that the defendant had not believed him.

But when Prosser arrived at the flat there was a scuffle when Mr Moore was stabbed three times, twice to the chest and once to the back.

The victim had not realised he had been stabbed initially.

He did not see the knife but realised he was pouring with blood.

Mr Moore called out “you’ve stabbed me” and tried to leave but as he struggled to open the door he was stabbed twice more – once just under the arm pit and one to the back.

Arrested and interviewed, Prosser denied being present but in a later interview said he previously had the knife for stripping wires and said the victim bumped against him and that he had been stabbed accidently.

Prosser admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and possessing the kitchen knife.

Maria Massellis, defending, said the defendant had turned to the use of drugs due to the loss of his father and a baby daughter within six months.