Before he was famous! Reels on Wheels robot dancer revealed as top Welsh actor Richard Mylan

Richard Mylan spotted himself as a child on Reels on Wheels Credit: ITV

If you watched last nights episode of Reels on Wheels you would have seen how impressed my guest Chris 'The Ferret' Seager was with one particular bit of archive from the 1980s.

Two cool kids were showing off their skills as robot dancers and they even inspired Chris to have a go in the confines of our camper van! The trouble is we didn't recognise who it was!

Chris Seager reenacts the robot dance Credit: ITV Wales

It turns out that a rather famous Reels on Wheels viewer spotted himself in the footage.

Actor Richard Mylan, who was originally from Swansea, tweeted me to say how pleased he was to see it.

Richard also pointed out we we got it wrong when we suggested the robot dancing kids could have ended up as 'statue' street performers!

So as a special treat for Richard I went back to the ITV vault and dug out the entire clip.

Watch it on the video link below and then have a go yourself!

And maybe Richard could let us know the answer to the question we are all asking. Can he still do the robot dance moves?