Newly elected AMs meet to choose Presiding Officer

All sixty newly elected AMs will meet on Wednesday for the first Plenary of the new National Assembly.

The first order of business for today will be to elect a new Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officer for Wales, whilst the position of First Minister will also be discussed.

Labour leader Carwyn Jones is expected to put a bid in to be re-nominated as First Minister, although no official Cabinet or Deputy Minister announcements are expected until at least Thursday.

What does a Presiding Officer do?

  • Chairs meetings (or plenary sessions) of the National Assembly to maintain order.

  • Shapes the Assembly's day-to-day operation.

  • Is responsible for ensuring that business is handled on the basis of equality and impartiality.

  • Acts as ambassador for the National Assembly, attending events in order to publicise and raise the profile of the Assembly.

Carwyn Jones is expected to put in a bid to be re-nominated as First Minister Credit: PA Wire

Speeches to propose the positions will be heard just after the meeting gets underway in the Senedd this afternoon.

If there is only one nomination for the office of Presiding Officer, and no-one objects to that nomination, that Member will take the position.

However, if more than one Member is nominated, or there is an objection to the one nomination made, the election takes place through a secret ballot.

One person who wont be taking the role is Conservative AM David Melding, who decided on Monday that he wouldn't be seeking nomination.

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